Arcadia Healthcare Solutions Develops Next-Generation Analytics Platform Focused on Quality

Moving beyond simple warehousing and reporting to proven implementation of best practices

May 16, 2014 — BURLINGTON, Mass

Arcadia Healthcare Solutions, a leading provider of data-driven quality improvement solutions for health systems and health plans, today announces the debut of the Arcadia Launchpad a technology suite to help healthcare organizations use and share data to manage the implementation of meaningful quality improvement programs. Using the Launchpad, Arcadia’s clients will be able to construct and monitor improvement programs on a centralized project management and performance tracking platform. This platform will allow Arcadia’s clients to test and compare innovations across their networks or peer groups.

“We have always used powerful analytics to help our clients truly ‘own their data’ and harness it to improve quality and efficiency. This new capability allows our clients to go beyond calculation and measurement to sharing and tracking actual improvement initiatives,” said Sean Carroll, CEO of Arcadia Healthcare Solutions. “Our clients can now harness their peers’ innovative ideas and breakthroughs to quickly improve their quality and operations.”

The Arcadia Launchpad is being developed in partnership with Community Health Best Practices (“CHBP”), a coalition of Community Health Centers serving the uninsured, underinsured and Medicaid populations nationwide. CHBP members are using the Launchpad platform not only to track the rollout and effects of quality improvement initiatives at each member organization but to collaborate across the member organizations to test and track innovations in different contexts and environments.

“The challenges that we have as an organization are very similar to challenges of our peers across the country,” said Carlos Olivares, Executive Director of Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinics (“Yakima”), one of CHBP’s members. “We are all learning to drive quality, manage populations and manage risk. We don’t need yet another set of performance measures, we need a way to find out what activities are actually driving success. This platform will empower all of our organizations to take more decisive action by providing the visibility needed to evaluate what is and isn’t working across all community health centers.”

Amongst other quality programs, Yakima will use the Arcadia Launchpad to benchmark a successful outreach campaign to enroll uninsured patients in Medicaid through insurance exchanges in Washington and Oregon. This outreach effort resulted in the enrollment of 15,000 new members during the last three months of 2013. The Launchpad will enable Yakima and the other CHBP members to collaborate on this successful initiative and countless others being executed nationwide.

“Health systems need capabilities to sustain the improvement efforts brought on by payment reform and Patient Centered Health Home Initiatives,” said LuAnn Kimker, RN MSN, CPHIMS, PCMH CCE, Director of Clinical Quality Improvement at Arcadia Healthcare Solutions. “We have built in proven improvement methodology into the Launchpad platform so that it can sustain quality for our clients.”

The functionality of the Launchpad includes modules to document improvement plans, track implementation tasks and timelines and to create control charts which analyze when an improvement really works. The platform is also integrated with the proven Arcadia Analytics platform utilizing its groundbreaking clinical and operations performance measure data. The result is a complete change management and improvement package that can be adapted by Arcadia’s clients to empower their organizations.

About Arcadia Healthcare Solutions

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